Brands/types for repair?

All brands/types mentioned in the overview can be repaired by me.
Over time this overview might be expanded with more brands or types, if my spare time permits study of additional decks. I prefer to specialize in certain brands over trying to handle much brands or types mediocre.

However, if your open reel tape deck is not mentioned in the overview and it is considered a semi-professional or prosumer deck, feel free to get in contact with me and specify what brand/type of deck you have and which problems you encounter.

What can and can not be expected from repair work?

Of course you can expect the problem to be solved unless brand specific spare parts are necessary which I might not have available.

Do you get a warranty the tape deck will perform as new? Surely not!
We are talking about equipment aging 40 years or more thus not infallible technology. If during repair works an additional problem arises, you will be notified with an estimation of the additional repair costs.

When your tape deck is repaired, you will receive a warranty on what actually has been repaired, but surely not on a complete trouble free functioning deck. This can only be granted in case you go for a an extended revision.

You want to do repair work yourself?

In case you would want to repair your deck yourself and you need a brand specific part, I might be able to help you out with some part decks I have.
I can also supply new wear parts such as pinch rollers, drive belts and bearings.

Currently I don’t have a webshop but if you need a part from a deck in the overview, please send your request via the contact page.