The revival of analog recording equipment!

With the revival of vinyl records also the interest in all kind of analogue recording decks has increased significantly: from vintage open reel tape decks over 8-track and Elcaset to the most known format, the compact cassette. However, nothing is more attractive then see those big open reels spinning while listening your favorite music!

Especially the open reel tape decks are machines of 30 to more than 50 years old. It is wishful thinking to expect these decks will perform or even function when they left the factory.

The supply of vintage open reel decks in all kind of sizes on second hand sites and shops has increased a lot the past 10 years, but so has the demand and especially the models which are known as prosumer decks, being the more professional reel to reel decks.

If you’re a novice in the open reel world, your purchase of a second hand deck will very likely be a disappointment.
Most sellers have no idea about the technical state of their decks which were probably gathering dust for decades, hidden in a cabinet, on the attic or a garage. Other sellers are too confident in claiming their deck for sale is in “Perfect condition!” or “Plays wonderful!”

Nothing could be less true!

If you want to enjoy some nostalgia and a great sound, a revision and possibly repair work are a must!